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Pompeo Batoni, Aeneas Fleeing from Troy, c. 1750, oil on canvas, 76.7 x 97 cm, Sabuda Gallery, Turin

Aeneas is a classical hero found in both Homer's Iliad and Virgil's Aeneid.  He fled Troy as it burned, and traveled around the Mediterranean.  In Carthage, he met the queen Dido and they fell in love, but he eventually left and sailed to Italy.  After encountering the Sibyl in Cumae and visiting the Underworld, he founds the city that will become Rome.

He does not have any defining features or attributes in art, and must be recognized by particular scenes, typically from the Aeneid.  Along with the flight from Troy, pictured here, these scenes include meeting Dido and his trip to the Underworld.