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Interactive Exhibitions: Gods in Art

On this page you will find twenty of the most frequently represented Greek and Roman gods and goddesses in Western art.  Each god is illustrated with a work of art, where you can learn their specific atributes, symbols, and ways to recognize them.  Below each picture is information about the image, a short introduction to the figure, as well as a list of other attributes or scenes in which they can commonly be found.  

The images, which include paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, tapestries, and works on paper, range from antiquity to the 19th century, covering a variety of geographical areas and artistic traditions.  Some examples are canonical, while others are more obscure.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to access each god or goddess's interactive exhibition.

Aphrodite/Venus     Apollo     Ares/Mars     Artemis/Diana
           Aphrodite/Venus                                    Apollo                                        Ares/Mars                                   Artemis/Diana  
Athena/Minerva     Chloris/Flora     Demeter/Ceres     Dionysus/Bacchus
           Athena/Minerva                              Chloris/Flora                                 Demeter/Ceres                           Dionysus/Bacchus   
Eos/Aurora     Eros/Cupid     Galatea     Hades/Pluto
                Eos/Aurora                                   Eros/Cupid                                        Galatea                                         Hades/Pluto  
Hephaestus/Vulcan     Hera/Juno     Hermes/Mercury     Hestia/Vesta
         Hephestus/Vulcan                               Hera/Juno                                   Hermes/Mercury                              Hestia/Vesta  
Nike/Victoria     Persephone/Proserpine     Poseidon/Neptune      Zeus/Jupiter
             Nike/Victoria                        Persephone/Proserpine                    Poseidon/Neptune                             Zeus/Jupiter