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Interactive Exhibitions: Classical Heroes in Art

On this page you will find fourteen of the most frequently represented classical heroes in Western art, including figures from mythology, history, and literature.  Each is illustrated with a work of art, where you can learn their specific symbols and characteristics, and ways to recognize them.  Below each picture is information about the image, a brief history of the hero, as well as a list of other attributes or scenes in which they can commonly be found.  

The images, which include paintings, sculptures, pottery, tapestries, mosaics, and works on paper, range from the 6th century BCE to the 20th century, covering a variety of geographical areas and artistic traditions.  Some examples are canonical, while others are more obscure.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to access each saint's interactive exhibition.

Achilles     Aeneas     Alexander the Great     Bellerophon
                    Achilles                                         Aeneas                                  Alexander the Great                            Bellerophon  
Dido     Hector     Helen     Hercules
                    Dido                                               Hector                                             Helen                                           Hercules   
Jason     Laocoon     Odysseus     Paris
                     Jason                                           Laocoön                                          Odysseus                                           Paris  
Perseus     Theseus
                    Perseus                                        Theseus