Saint John the Evangelist

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Domenichino, Saint John the Evangelist, 1624-1629, oil on canvas, 259 x 199.4 cm, National Gallery, London

John was one of the first apostles and is considered to be Jesus's favorite, and was the only apostle who did not leave the cross after the Crucifixion, remaining there until Christ had died.  He later wrote a Gospel and the Book of Revelation.

Along with his attributes, he can be very easily recognized in many scenes.  He is typically present at the Crucifixion and the Last Supper (where he is usually seated next to Christ on his right and is sometimes asleep).  He can also be seen in images of the Draught of Fishes, the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes, the Transfiguration, and the Agony in the Garden, and sometimes in Lamentation scenes.

Another popular representation of him is with a chalice with a snake, representing a legend in which he is forced to drink poison, but blesses the cup and a snake emerges.