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Claus Sluter, Well of Moses1395-1403, limestone with polychrome, 169 cm, Chartreuse de Champmol, Dijon

Moses is a very important biblical hero who was the leader of the Hebrew people.  Abandoned by his mother in an attempt to save his life, he was discovered by the pharoah's daughter and raised as a prince of Egypt.  Angry at the oppression of the Hebrews, he kills an Egyptian guard and flees into the wilderness.  In the desert, he sees the Burning Bush and speaks with God, who commands him to  free the Hebrews from slavery.  Despite a series of plagues brought upon the people of Egypt, the pharoah refuses to free them, and Moses leads the Exodus from the city, parting the Red Sea with his staff for their passage.  At Mount Sinai, Moses again speaks with Gods, and receives the Ten Commandments.  

Moses appears in a variety of scenes (namely those listed above), and his appearance and attributes vary accordingly.  In non-narrative depictions, he is typically an older, bearded man with horns, as seen here.