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Jacopo Bassano, The Animals Entering Noah's Ark, 1570s, oil on canvas, 207 x 265 cm, Museo del Prado, Madrid

Noah is an important biblical hero.  When God sees the corruption existing on earth, he decides to wipe out existence with a great flood, and orders Noah to build an ark to save only a few humans and animals.  With the help of his sons, Noah constructs the ark and they weather the storm for 40 days and nights.  After the flood, Noah creates a farm and vineyard, but one day drinks too much and passes out naked in his tent.  Two sons attmpt to cover his nakedness, but another mocks him.

The two most popular depictions are building the ark and the flood, and the drunkeness of Noah.  In the latter scene he is typically shown naked with wine, surrounded by his sons.  Scenes of the flood and ark sometimes also feature a rainbow, and at times Noah carries tools or a staff.