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Jacopo Zucchi, Cupid and Psyche, 1589, oil on canvas, 173 x 130 cm, Galleria Borghese, Rome

Psyche was a beautiful young girl, which cause the goddess Aphrodite/Venus to become jealous and order her son Eros/Cupid to make the girl fall in love with a bad man.  But the young god falls in love with Psyche himself, and visits her each night in the dark, hiding his identity.  Spurred on by her envious sisters, however, Psyche spied on her lover with a lamp and dagger.  Yet a drop of lamp oil woke the sleeping Eros/Cupid, and he left her.  After being ordered to carry out impossible tasks by Aphrodite/Venus as punishment (including separating a vast pile of seeds, and filling an urn from the river Styx), Eros/Cupid changes his mind and returns to Psyche, and brings her to live among the gods on Olympus.

She typically appears with Eros/Cupid, but some artists depict her carrying out Aphrodite/Venus's tasks.